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How I Became a Superhero (2020)

How I Became a Superhero (2020) - Science Fiction Movies 101 minutes. Comment je suis devenu superhéros, Cómo me convertí en superhéroe, Wie ich ein Superheld wurde, Jak zostałem superbohaterem, How I Became a Superhero, スーパーヒーローへの道. Paris 2020. While superheroes have assimilated into the Parisian society, they discover a new drug that gives themselves personal superpowers to mere mortals. Lieutenants Moreau and Schaltzmann are investigating the case with the support of two ex-superheroes, Monte Carlo and Callista. They'll do whatever it takes to dismantle the traffic. But Moreau's past resurfaces, and the investigation becomes more complicated. , full movie online free, download full movie in hd quality, watch free streaming