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Badam Rani Gulam Chor (2012)

Badam Rani Gulam Chor (2012) - Movies 125 minutes. . The story line is about three friends. Depending on their nature they have pet names. 'Chaku' (knife) has is own garage, 'Pustak' (book) is a professor and 'Makad' ( monkey) is working for a news channel. 'Chaku' loves a girl. To introduce his lady love 'Pencil' to his friends, 'Chaku' invites her to his house. When she comes home, even Chaku's friend 'Pustak' falls in love with her. How this leads to hilarious situation which creates tension between 'Pustak' and 'Chaku' is shown beautifully by the writer. full movie online free, download full movie in hd quality, watch free streaming

Released: Jul 20, 2012

Runtime: 125 minutes


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