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Mysterious Island (2011)

Mysterious Island (2011) - Horror Movies 95 minutes. Far Cry, 孤島驚魂, Cô Đảo Kinh Hoàng 2011, Độc Đảo Kinh Hoàng 2011. In the 1970s on the Binlusai islands, a young mother is killed when she was running with her son run from an evil presence in an abandoned Roman Catholic leper colony. In the present day, a group of four young men and women are travelling to the island to take part in a survival game run by TV channel Search Planet headed by Chen Jiadong (Philip Keung). Also on the boat is the television presenter Stanley (Jessica Xu) and cameraman Ken (Shaun Tam). The eight people have been split into four pairs where they are given a map which leads to a flag; their aim is to survive without any supplies, and the winning duo gets a grand prize of one-million dollars. As they approach the island, their ship is attacked by something unknown under the water and most of their luggage is lost. Shen Yilin (Mini Yang) has preserved her map which she gives to her partner Peng Fei (Jordan Chan). full movie online free, download full movie in hd quality, watch free streaming