Licurgo Spinola

Licurgo Spinola


Licurgo Spinola Araújo, better known as Licurgo Spinola or simply Licurgo (Palmas - PR, September 9, 1966) is a Brazilian actor. Son of a military man, he almost followed his father's career. Licurgo, grew up in Curitiba, studied in military schools and at age 13 entered the EsPCEx in the São Paulo city of Campinas. Not having adapted to the military life, opted for dentistry. It was in the dental course of the PUC that he discovered the scenic art, joining the theater group Tanahora of the college. He graduated in dentistry in 1992, but practiced for a short time. He won the award for best actor of 1993 with the play Bella Cião, by Luiz Alberto de Abreu, in the Theater Festivals of Blumenau, Ponta Grossa, São José dos Campos and Cascavel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kendt for: Acting

Fødselsdag: 1966-09-09

Fødested: Palmas, Paraná, Brazil

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